In a truly prophetic message received on September 11th, 1991 (and published in book form the same year), 10 years to the day before the shocking '9/11' events in New York, those events are unquestionably foreshadowed:

September 11, 1991

Lord, I look up at the heavens and
search for heavenly things;
I search Your Holy Face to feel
Peace and be able to rejoice;
I search for your Holy Face
to be able to contemplate.

And I for My part My Eyes look down at the world of today, searching nation after nation, scanning soul after soul for some warmth, for some generosity and for some love, but very very few enjoy My favour; very few bother to live a holy life; and the days are fleeing and the hours are now counted before the great retribution My cities 1 have become a harlot's - pitiless! they have become a citadel for the demons! all corrupt from within, eaten up by worm! a refuge for the viper and the scorpion! how can I not breathe on these renegades My Purifying Fire? ...

(Jesus suddenly changed tone and after waiting a few seconds, with a tone very grave that left me in awe said:)

- the earth will shiver and shake - and every evil built into Towers 2 will collapse into a heap of rubble and be buried in the dust of sin! above, the Heavens will shake and the foundations of the earth will rock! pray that the Father's Hand will not come down in winter;

the islands, the sea and the continents will be visited by Me unexpectedly, with thunder and by Flame; listen closely to My last words of warning, listen now that there is still time; read Our Messages, 3 and stop being scornful or deaf when Heaven speaks, lower your voices and you will hear Ours;

think twice before you judge; think more than twice before you condemn the Works of the Holy Spirit; I shall not spare anyone who mocks the Holy Spirit blaspheming Him outright; Justice will send them down to the underworld

lift all of you your faces and search the Heavens for My Holy Face to contemplate! lift your eyes towards Heaven and you shall not perish;

repent! and ask the Father to relent; soon, very soon now, the Heavens will open and I shall make you see

The Judge

1 cities here is used by God for the word "souls."
2 Like the Tower of Babel
3 Jesus' and Mary's, those Two Witnesses